About Us


Over 35 Subject Matter Experts have
devoted time to help establish this program and develop relevant best practices


Collectively, the Operation: Safe Escape team brings hundreds of years of security and technical experience to this program


We recognize that every situation is unique. In addition to the information here, we’re always available to answer your questions


We never charge for our services. Ever. Everyone deserves to feel safe. You deserve to feel safe.


Beginning in 2014, a multidisciplinary team of security professionals affiliated with the 501c3 organization, The Operations Security Professional’s Association (OSPA), started working with victims of domestic violence, shelters, and advocacy groups in order to give them critical safety and security information and resources.

This project, now known as Operation: Safe Escape, focuses on protecting the victim of domestic violence and their family from the moment they decide to leave up until they’re at a safe place.

For Individuals

  • We provide safety and security information to individuals, their support system, advocacy groups, and anyone else working to combat all forms of domestic violence
  • We develop and provide innovative new tools to assist in escape planning and secure communications
  • We provide one-on-one support and security guidance for individuals and their support systems so they can safely seek out local resources and make arrangements without giving an indication of their intent
  • We help you establish secure communications channels, which are the first and arguably most important step in connecting with your support system or searching for local resources
  • This website provides critical information and resources that you can apply immediately
  • We’re always approachable and available, and ready to answer questions through a variety of channels

Shelters, Safe Houses, and Groups

  • We work with shelters, safe houses, human trafficking groups, and other related entities to develop tailored security strategies for high-risk situations
  • We provide a wide range of training resource for directors, volunteers, employees, and residents
  • We provide a private security portal for verified advocates to share information, reach out to ask us questions, and download tools and resources
  • Conferences and live training opportunities
  • A comprehensive security framework for both public shelters and hidden safe houses, customization to address the unique threat model facing your organization. Both models are designed to implement low-cost solutions and assume a dedicated, persistent adversary and have passed multiple reviews to ensure thoroughness

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