Now that you know how to stay safe and gain access to resources securely, use any of the following resources to help you. Please remember to access these resources securely- either visit the pages in  private browsing mode or using a tool like the tor browser bundle, or make sure to clear your history after visiting.

Personal Data Removal Workbook: An easy-to-follow guide that helps you remove traces of yourself online.

Summon help (without looking like you’re summoning help): An infographic showing different ways to summon help in an emergency when it’s not safe to call 911.

Create a safety and security plan: This tool will allow you to generate your own safety plan and send it to an email address that only you can access.

The National Domestic Violence Hotline: Phone hotline and chat to get help, or simply talk to someone that cares.

Shelter and Safe House Search: Search for local resources. If they’re not currently using our Shelter and Safe House Security Plan, please feel free to refer them to this page.

Other Resources and Links: A large list of resources maintained by the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence.


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